#National Tequila Day

#National Tequila Day


So, this day also might just be everyday for you but hey, who’s judging! Not us.. That’s for sure. 

We are big tequila drinkers over here and love a good drink at the end of a busy day. There is really nothing better than a good margarita with some perfectly smooth tequila. We’ve found a few of our favorites that range from classic to the new modern skinny marg. 

Tell us below what your favorite recipe is and let us know if you’ve tried any of these! 

1.The Classic One: 

We think The Chunky Chef has completely mastered the classic margarita! She’s perfectly blended all the classic ingredients. Take a look at her recipe below!


2The Fruity One: 

Miss in The Kitchen has the recipe for the most delicious mouth watering strawberry margarita. We love the minimal amount of ingredients as well. Check it out Here. 

3. The Spicy One: 

If you're adventurous like us, then you’ll want to try ‘This is Mel Drake’s Spicy Margarita’. She says it’s just the right amount of sweet and spicy which makes it something Goldilocks would approve of.  



4.The Skinny One: 

The Sugar Free Diva has the skinny margarita down! If you’re doing the popular Keto Diet or just simply watching your sugar intake this margarita is for you. Check out her recipe here. 


Be sure to comment below on your favorite type of margarita or how you drink your tequila! 

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