4 Trendy Summer Hats You'll Want Right Now

1. Large Brim Raffia Hat (RHL13)

This Large Brim Raffia Hat has a similar vibe as the Pinched Crown Face Saver, both are very elegant and feminine! It goes perfectly with my summer long dress, I could go on a walk at the beach, picnic with my family, a stroll at the shopping mall and more!

2. Pinched Crown Face Saver (UBM4484)

This Pinched Crown Face Saver Hat made me feel like an elegant lady going to a tea party with my girlfriends. Love how it’s slimming yet provides enough protection from the sun, plus it goes along with my floral dress! I can see myself pairing this hat with so many summer dresses this season. It fits quite snug on me so it doesn’t fall off at all.

3. Women's Ultrabraid Large Brim Visor (UBV002)

This Signature Women's Ultrabraid Large Brim Visor is the ultimate sun hat for travel, so happy with its compact size. I can easily roll it up and tuck it away in your purse or luggage, plus it’s super lightweight that I can carry it around daily. What’s more is it looks amazing with UPF 50 and adjustable size, it’s an all-in-one hat!

4. Fisherman Bucket with Adjustable Chin Cord (CTH1825)

This Novelty Pattern Fisherman Bucket With Adjustable Chin Cord has the cutest and trendy cow print! I received so many compliments from wearing it outside and love that it can pair with a lot of my casual outfits. This time I matched with a loose graphic tee with denim shirts and viola! The adjustable chin cord is also an awesome addition from this windy warm weather, so I don’t lose my hat!

Written By: @lifedevivi / Vivian Kwan

Photos By: Vivian Kwan

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