Hat Defects vs. Irregularities

At San Diego Hat Company, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality hand-woven straw hats. Due to the hand-made nature or our straw and crochet hats, each hat is unique, just like the person weaving it. While some may deviate from others, they still have the San Diego Hat Co. brand essence.

Here are traits that are common irregularities: 

Irregularity 1

Small holes in the weave of a hat

Irregularity 2

Individual broken straws that can be trimmed

Irregularity 3

Being able to see the under-brim cloth in small patches

Here are the traits we look for in a defect hat: 

Defect 1

Holes that you can fit your pointer finger through

Defect 2

Groups of broken straw that are forming a hole you can fit your pointer finger through

Defect 3

Large cracks at the top of the hat