Influencer Picks With @nanphanitajacob

You've probably seen Anita on instagram rocking our hats already, but we wanted to give her a special spot on our blog. Anita is one of the most colorful bloggers we follow, her fashion sense is next level and pairs our hats with items we'd never think of trying! If you're not following her already, you really need too!


Anita, is one who loves to play with colors! We've seen her in the most colorful outfits, with a hat to match of course! We love seeing what she comes up with. She's paired our Care Free Fedora in Blush with a matching pink jumpsuit.

Talk about a desert hottie! Normally, we'd take this hat to the beach but Anita took her Sun Dialed Fedora to the desert and styled it like no other. We love the simple look with the fun acessories.

This is a perfect example of how colorful Anita can be. This dress is bright and bold, something we wouldn't normally think to pair with a nuetral hat like the Good Life Fedora.

If Anita was an outfit, this would be her. So colorful and effortlessly put together. She pairs our Eden Boater with the funnest most colorful outfit we can imagine. She's also paired her outfit with our Jolie tote to carry with her.


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