Types of Materials Used in Making Our Hats

We here at San Diego Hat Company firmly believe in quality. There are an overwhelming variety of materials used in hat making. Which can cause your buying experience to get confusing at times. We want to ensure you, that we are using the best of the best!

Here is a list of some of the materials our hats are made from:

1.Cotton Crochet

Our company initially started in 1993 with a young couple traveling to Bali. There they stumbled across the cotton crochet hat that is beautifully crafted, packable and offered great sun protection. There our company was born!

All yarn used is 100% sustainable cotton, locally grown and produced in Bali. The artisans even purchase yarns from their local yarn shop over the mass textile vendors.

2.Mexican Palm Straw

The Mexican palm straw is native to the mountains of Guerrero. Here techniques have been perfected over generations. We work directly with artisans and families for many of the pieces that are made with this material.

By using this material, we have been able to help 13 families. Three of the families were able to make necessary home upgrades like fixing old equipment and installing wood flooring over their previous dirt floors. We also help sponsor the local boys football team in an area where extra activities are hard to come by.

3.Wheat Straw

With the importance of environmentalism growing in China, local straw is now put into good use. The wheat straws are tall and brightly colored in the province of Henan, China. We work directly with the source and artisans who are able to work from home and support their families buy hand braiding or crocheting special straws.


Our Ultra braid is synthetic fishing line woven with paper which makes it sturdier and gives a UPF 50+ sun protection rating (We still suggest applying sunscreen when out in the sun). Using this material makes lets us give you our signature crushable and packable features that you love so much!

5. Paper-braid

Constructed of finely woven paper material, paper braid has become widely popular for its natural and bridgeable aspect. The artisans who construct the hat weave the paper into strands just like straw and then form into the desired hat style.

6. Ribbons

Made from woven machine-made material, synthetic polyester with UV protection. Using ribbon material makes our hats packable and easy to store.

7. Locally Grown Cotton

We use locally grown cotton from Bali. Cotton is made from the natural fibers from the cotton plant. These plants require lots of rain and sun, which the climate of Bali can provide both! Using cotton in our hats gives you the soft quality hats you love so much!

8. Bao Straw

Native to Madagascar Africa, hand woven light weight straw with natural ventilation to keep you cool.

9. Felt

Felt is a man-made material that is made a bit differently than most materials. Usually man-made materials are woven together: however, felt is created by being compressed and matted together. When you add in a few synthetic fibers it increases the quality, durability, and pliability of the fabric.

10 .Faux - Suede

Faux suede is an animal-friendly option, made from polyester microfiber that's woven into a thin, soft, yet tough plastic fabric. The plastic materials are more durable than natural suede, which will make your hat last longer and will carry through use after use.

11. Wool

Wool primarily consists of natural fibers found from animal fleece such as, rabbits, sheep, and goats. This raw material is made from a keratin-based protein which makes wool a outstandingly elastic material.

12. Raffia Straw

Raffia is a natural biodegradable fiber imported from Madagascar. The raffia palm is unique for its leaves that can grow up to 60ft long. Our artisans crochet or braid the leaves by hand giving each piece a special handmade touch.  

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