9 Stylish Hats You'll Actually Want to Wear

Written by @sistersguidetostyle

Do you love how hats look but don’t know how to style them? I got you! Each stylish hat can really elevate an outfit to its full potential. It adds that extra little “something” that your outfit sometimes lacks - such as a pop of color or an interesting texture. Today I’m going to help you create a look with 7 of the most stylish hats for ladies this fall and winter season from San Diego Hat Company.

Wide-Brim Hats

Wide-Brim Hats are some of my favorites. They are classic pieces that can really put some sass in your outfit and confidence in your step. This is a hat everyone needs to own. Being versatile, it can be styled multiple ways. Dress it up with a high waisted bodycon midi skirt and heels, or down with mom jeans and sneakers.



A ballcap is the solution for the on-the-go girl. I mean, who has time to wash their hair anymore - am I right? At least for me it’s the best way to hide dirty hair (especially when I need to run to the grocery store and hope I don’t run into someone). However, with a cute ball cap like this “sleet” cap, I quickly change my mindset right around with confidence. I’ve paired by subtle leopard ball cap (sleet cap) with an oversized sweater and biker shorts.


Womens Wool Cap (CTH3662)-CAP-San Diego Hat Company


Go ahead and swap out your old beanie for a beret this fall season! Nothing to be afraid of! This little number can truly make you feel like a Parisian with little effort. Try wearing on the back of your head with a slight tilt and you’ll look like you're ready for the City of Lights! I suggest trying a monochromatic look with a beret to add that pop of color. I’ve paired mine with a leopard pattern coat and shirt dress.


Women's leopard print wool beret

Greek Fisherman Hat

Is it a cabbie hat? No, it’s a Greek Fisherman! Bet you didn’t even know this gem was an option, lol! This style of hat isn’t just for your traditional sea captain. With a corduroy texture it’s perfect for fall or winter. Play up the texture by pairing with leather leggings and a denim style shirt.


Women's Faux Suede Fisherman Cap-CAP-San Diego Hat Company

From casual to formal, and everywhere in between, there’s a hat for every type of look. Now that you have some style inspiration, what’s stopping you from leveling up your outfit?

Which style hat is your favorite and why? Comment below.

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