Partly Cloudy City Collection

Inspired by the cold cozy mornings, Partly Cloudy City is the trend we all love. Designed with soft textures, and muted colors it will be the collection you want to wear all year long.

City Stroll

Crafted from wool felt, it features a stiff rolled brim and layered suede and twisted satin bands for a daring, eye-catching look.

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Nothing but Neutral

The Nothing But Neutral Wool Felt Stiff Rolled Brim Fedora is crafted from durable wool felt and features a 4" brim in a stylish taupe color.

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Take a wild ride in this camel colored Oatmilk Wool Felt Cattleman's Crease Cowboy! Its 4" brim and feather accent detail will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Nothing But Neutral Fedora

City Stroll Fedora.

Your new Favorite.

Rocky Ridge

A hat so elevated that it will top off any of your outfit. Classic Cattleman rancher shape with a turn up brim.


Early Fog

Stylish and functional, the Early Fog Baker Boy Cap is the perfect way to keep your head warm during cold weather.


Cozy and Chic

With 3 fabulous colors, a side pocket for all your odds and ends, and plaid interior taping for extra style!

The coziest pair

Matching fleece trapper with faux shearling tote.

Cuddle Up Faux Shearling Tote-TOTE-San Diego Hat Company
Abstract Pastel Patterned Fleece Trapper-TRAPPER-San Diego Hat Company

How to find your hat size

Need help getting your head size to see which hat is best for you?

Watch our video on how to measure your head.

Please note that even though our hats are 'One Size' it does not mean 'One Size Fits All' our standard size it 57CM so please keep that in mind when measuring your head size.

This may or may not be one of our most asked questions: 

“How do we measure our head to find the right hat?” 

Lucky for you! We have the answers. Here at San Diego Hat Company, we believe this is the best way to properly measure your head to get the best fitting hat from us. Most of our hats are one size, but that does not mean that they all fit the same.

We offer a wide variety of adjustable hats, like our popular Ribbon Braid - RBL299 - that can be made smaller with the self-adjustable tie (cannot be made larger). We also have hats like our most popular El Campo - UBL420- that come in actual sizes i.e. Small, Medium and Large. 

Our blog post will walk you through the general sizing guidelines and measurement suggestions, to help you understand our sizing better. After this, you won’t have to second guess any of your new favorite hats! 


Things you will need:

  1. Your head of course!
  2. Measuring tape – preferably a soft tape
  3. Our size chart (can be found here)

Let's Begin!

Take your soft measuring tape and wrap it around your head. You'll want it tight enough to feel secure but not too tight. Start from the back of your head and position your tape around your head, just above your ears and across your eyebrows. When the end of the measuring tape falls on the number of your measurement, which is the circumference (circ.) of your head, use the chart below to determine the size that will work for you.


Written Size Circ (Inches) Circ. (Centimeters) Hat Size (Standard)


22 1/2 In.

57 CM

7 1/8


23 1/4 In.

59 CM

7 3/8


23 1/2 In.

60 CM

7 1/2


Written Size Circ.(Inches) Circ. (Centimeters) Hat Size (Standard)

One Size (O/S)

22 1/2 In.

57 CM

7 1/8


Written Size Circ. (Inches) Circ.(Centimeters) Hat Size (Standard)

One Size (O/S)

23 1/4 In.

59 CM

7 3/8


22 1/2 In.

57 CM

7 1/8

Large/ X-Large

23 1/4 In.

59 CM

7 3/8


Age Written Size Circ. (Inches) Circ. (Centimeters) Hat Size (Standard)

0 - 12 Months


19 1/4 In.

49 CM

6 1/8

1 - 2 Years


20 In.

51 CM

6 1/4

2 - 4 Years


20 1/2 In.

52 CM

6 3/8

5 -7 Years


21 1/4 In.

54 CM

6 3/4

8 - 12 Years


21 2/3 In.

55 CM

6 7/8


Sizing Tape

If you've already ordered your hat and it doesn't fit, you can also get our sizing tape to help you achieve that perfect fit. We recommend getting this tape when you find your hat to be a little too big for you. We provide enough tape to size a few hats. We suggest cutting the foam into smaller stripes and applying them to the sweat band of your hat.

  • Adhesive foam is gentle and lightweight
  • Custom made for our hats for men and women
  • Enough to size 5 to 6 hats

Usage: Cut 2 to 3 strips and line the inside of your hats sweatband. Works for all types of hats.

If you're seeing this post after your purchase and notice you may have bought the wrong size, please refer to our returns and shipping page. We do not do exchanges. You may return for refund or store credit and place a new order for the item, size, and color of your choice. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable. If you have any more questions please call us at 888-868-0588 or email us at 


Let us know your other questions we can answer below!

Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to keep up with our deals and special announcements for the year.


Thank you,

San Diego Hat Company

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